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Not unlike many of my posts, this one will only apply to a small group of Black nerds and scholars 

Last night Some reflection (rememory, you could say) led me back to Toni Morrison’s Beloved. The famous (at least in my head) “stream of consciousness” chapter: “I am beloved and she is mine. I see her take flowers away from leaves   she puts them in a round basket” Beloved’s no so clear account of where she was before coming to Sethe in the woods. 

So, my mind was blown as I read the 2nd paragraph and it hit me, this is a toddler’s experience on a slave ship; the middle passage!  And the subsequent bridging of space and time, physical, temporal, “spiritual”  dimensions. 

Laying on the man’s back, loving his song 

The place where people are crouching “the man on my face is dead ” the “men without skin”  pushing the mounds of the dead into the sea. “the woman with my face” going into the sea “they do not punch her  she goes in” – suicide. 

A woman, like Sethe, who refused to live crouching and starving. 

 I prided myself on understanding this book (although  perhaps to a slightly lesser extent this particular passage). I took a class back in undergrad that I really appreciated because of our analysis and discussion of Beloved  (and other African and African American literature). I read it twice and revisited parts over the years.  And all of a sudden, I’m reading it with new insight and meaning. As much as I loved that class, I can’t say I never fell asleep in there (blame ADHD 😅). At any rate, I continue to appreciate this book perspective Love inspiration 


~My friend Sula and her friends🙃~

When I look at these beautiful #BlackWomen (And Babygirl😋) I see so much more than beautiful women with beautiful #NaturalHair When I look at my #AfroBrazilian people it gives me a feeling of connection, familiarity and kinship.
I imagine that many #AfricanAmericans might look at this pic and assume it was taken here in America.  Many may not know how large of a presence we have in Brazil (and throughout Latin America).
But of course many of us do know how far and wide our ancestors were spread throughout the Americas.
Many of the ships that carried our stolen #ancestors from the shores of West #Africa; from #Angola, #Kongo and beyond – carried our ancestors to Brazil, Cuba, Puerto Rico the US etc
Studying these things and thinking about this history & the cultures that sprang from it, for me, is not depressing or upsetting but rather interesting, intriguing and #empowering
Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how expansive the #BlackExperience is here in the so-called “New World”, and how interesting and empowering it could be if we were more #aware of and connected to eachother -cousins, family, separated by a hemisphere but connected through a common history and similar cultures
So, today I say thank you- Black women of the world- for being you.

Meu amigo Sula e seus amigos

    Quando eu olhar para estas belas mulheres #black (e  menina Pretinha😋) Vejo muito mais do que as mulheres bonitas com  bonito #cabeloNatural -Quando eu olho para o meu povo #AfroBrazileiros isso me dá uma sensação de conexão, a familiaridade e de #parentesco.  Quando Eu ve-los, me da um sentemento de conectado, sabendo que somos #parentescos. Nos attravasseram o mar Atlantico nos mesmos navios negreiros

  Imagino que muitos #AfroAmericanos pode olhar para essa foto e assumir que foi feita aqui na América. Muitos podem não saber o quão grande de uma presença que temos no Brasil (e em toda a #AméricaLatina).  Mas é claro que muitos de nós não sabe como muito grande e os nossos #antepassados foram espalhados por todas as Américas.
Muitos dos navios que levavam nossos antepassados roubados das costas da Oeste #Africa; de #Angola, #Kongo e além – levada nossos antepassados para o Brasil, Cuba, Porto Rico os EUA etc
Estudando essas coisas e pensar sobre essa história e as culturas que surgiram a partir dele, para mim, não é deprimente ou perturbador, mas bastante interessante, intrigante e capacitando

   Recentemente, eu tenho pensado muito sobre como expansivo da experiência negra é aqui no chamado “Novo Mundo”, e como interessante e poderosa que poderia ser se fôssemos mais conscientes e conectados um ao outro – primos, família, separados por um hemisfério, mas conectado por meio de uma história comum e culturas similares

   Então, hoje eu digo obrigado- mulheres negras do mundo – por ser você :)💓💖

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Had a pretty amazing dream last night- despite it’s brevity
Started out with a youtube video of a dolphin lip sycing a song with his trainer and me showing it to my brother
Next thing I know I’m in South Africa. In Durban(although it should’ve probably been Capetown area) on a tour, being told about the dolphins- how they preferred to stay out where there water is 40ft to deeper vs 8ft closer to the shore.They looked pretty realistic, that is to say they had the dark marking that South African Dolphins have.



We passed by another tour of mostly Black women – which were on two large row boat type boats chained together.  I scanned the boat taking all of the scenery in joyfully.I had a feeling of excitement, and joy. Looking out the bus window at the dolphins I told them I missed them!

There was this realization that’s difficult to characterize. Whether i was excited because of being back there(believing that I actually was), or excited about imagining being there(a low level of lucidity) is hard to say. However, it shortly became much clearer. Unlike most dreams where I draw conclusions after the fact, it was as though I took a step back from the dream, paused to tell myself, “you have to imagine these things” imagine and focus on the things you desire to make them happen. “Write them down, make them come true”

I don’t usually get into dream interpretations much as I feel like the meanings of our dreams are usually subjective but I decided to look up Dolphins:

To see a dolphin in your dream symbolizes spiritual guidance, intellect, mental attributes and emotional trust. The dream is usually an inspirational one, encouraging you to utilize your mind to its capacity and move upward in life.

That was EXACTLY and clearly what the dream was about. Very interesting

Samkhumbula Mzansi! Time to manifest;)

Eu sou, Eu sou

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Jabu the Damaja

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The following was originally a response to a discussion on Spiriuality/Religiosity, Atheism and Agnosticism. I was informed that my use of “Spiritual Agnostic was incorrect. And was given the proper definition of the various stances on “God”:Image

I guess I’d be a Gnostic Theist.
But, I can’t commit to that because I dont believe in an anthropomorphic deity per se. There was a time when I wanted to believe in God more than I actually believed in God. As these discussions continue I feel I’m headed more back in that direction. While not nearly as extreme as a creationist, my “God” is also sort of a “God of the gaps”; where things are unknown God fills in (i.e. origins of the Universe). Although, it’s a bit more complicated.
I never like to personify God as I dont feel it is a singular being per se. I played around a lot with ideas of God and consciousness in my…early twenties, often with the company of the Lovely Mary Molta. There were interesting experiences, interesting to encounter like-minded people- be it my brother, random 5%ers, or people on YouTube with “alternate” ideas on “Divinity” and consciousness.  One more than one occasion, I was struck by the similarities between my beliefs, and those I encountered (for the first time).

One of the things that kept me from arriving at Atheism was a belief that there was evidence of consciousness beyond the physical. Much of this evidence may be anecdotal, but I always found it hard to believe that all of these people were either drastically misunderstanding their experiences or simply lying (or fabricated by the media producers). Be it people on TV, the internet, or (although 2a much lesser extent) people I personally knew I was convinced that our minds are much more complex than we know (or for some, believe).haven't read this just liked the pic:

I was always intrigued by psychics and mediums, Astral travel, and Remote viewing (which the US Government has researched and utilized for intelligence work) as well as the unfamiliar mental territory revealed through Lucid Dreaming.  To me, these things indicated something ‘beyond’. BUT- that “beyond” is up for debate. So I theorized— I communed with the ancestors and the “Gods” over the sacrament of the sages;)

Funny thing, after finding so many strikingly similar ideas, I asked myself, “Could this be “God” leading me to the answers? Is this God a being, or just a source of knowledge, consciousness? I lean towards the latter.

[sidenote sort of] I told one Facebook friend that, actually God spoke to me and told me the Bible was not the word of God(no personification there;). So I don’t “doubt his word” as she says, because “he” told me he didn’t say that shit(Those weren’t my words exactly) but unfortunately she never replied. I thought that would be an interesting point to get the word of a Christian (or Abrahamian) on. Because…idk the Bible is filled with God’s contact with Man, and I’ve known Christians to say God spoke to them, so what of my contact with God? Will you try to deny me that? Probably a futile effort that would be responded to with scripture (relevant or not- but of course not personal expression). I imagine some would take that as a joke but Im open to the possibility of….psychic revelations. But there may be a thin line between that and..just (good?) Ideas.

My faith is very much informed by ration and knowledge.

As such, I may some day, become atheist, never know. My first understanding of “Agnostic” (picked up somewhere on campus during undergrad) was one that felt unmoved, unaffected and/or unconvinced by/of the existence of God(s). Later I was given the definition of feeling that the existence of a God was simply unknowable and that God has never been revealed to humanity in any verifiable way (and never will/can be?). I believed that. I felt that there could be a God, but these people don’t have the exclusive scoop on It!

If you believe humanity literally began with two people , and the earth was made in 7 days – there’s not a lot of room for growth. I’ve been curious about the origins of the universe for some time but especially the last 5yrs or so. Theoretical Astro-physics; String theory,membrane theory, multi-verse fascinating (That’s why I LOVE Fringe btw).Image


Our UNIVERSE could be the result of colliding membranes…where? What? We’re so fucking insignificant to the immeasurable…vastness of…Existence. Time is relative, dimensions we can’t (readily) experience o__o ? Reality is some crazy shit!

Given all that unknown – I can’t claim to know that there is or isn’t a “God”, But I do think it is knowable – even if we all kill each other before we ever find out.