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Donko Nsuo

Posted: March 13, 2011 in scene

Places I've Never Been

Donko Nsuoย ย (Slave river)

At the River Assin Manso – Captives last stop on their long forced trek form norther regions, to the coastal slave dungeons.

Captives were brought here to bathe- before their final destination at the coastal dungeons.

I stood around, felt the water, maybe even splashed a little on my face- wanting to feel something but I couldnt. All the pain that ran through these rivers but I felt nothing. I wanted to feel connected to the place but I couldnt.
I played with the effect with the idea of unwritten, erased histories, and experiences in mind. The place being erased, or the people, or my connection to it.



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a picture on the wall

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& barbed wire

Hello world!

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"@MariMolta helped me paint this"

I enter into another digitial rhealm. bid me well.