I AM BELOVED and she is mine. 

Posted: June 15, 2017 in G.O.D., just a Thought, Uncategorized
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Not unlike many of my posts, this one will only apply to a small group of Black nerds and scholars 

Last night Some reflection (rememory, you could say) led me back to Toni Morrison’s Beloved. The famous (at least in my head) “stream of consciousness” chapter: “I am beloved and she is mine. I see her take flowers away from leaves   she puts them in a round basket” Beloved’s no so clear account of where she was before coming to Sethe in the woods. 

So, my mind was blown as I read the 2nd paragraph and it hit me, this is a toddler’s experience on a slave ship; the middle passage!  And the subsequent bridging of space and time, physical, temporal, “spiritual”  dimensions. 

Laying on the man’s back, loving his song 

The place where people are crouching “the man on my face is dead ” the “men without skin”  pushing the mounds of the dead into the sea. “the woman with my face” going into the sea “they do not punch her  she goes in” – suicide. 

A woman, like Sethe, who refused to live crouching and starving. 

 I prided myself on understanding this book (although  perhaps to a slightly lesser extent this particular passage). I took a class back in undergrad that I really appreciated because of our analysis and discussion of Beloved  (and other African and African American literature). I read it twice and revisited parts over the years.  And all of a sudden, I’m reading it with new insight and meaning. As much as I loved that class, I can’t say I never fell asleep in there (blame ADHD 😅). At any rate, I continue to appreciate this book perspective Love inspiration 


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