Posted: February 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

bBaby all Im sayin is, that the coals are warm
I got some air in my lungs and I could blow it on em
we could get that fire goin- youKnow itd be warm and nice
butI just dontKno quite how long we could keep it right
I wanna be anOptimist- and say “u never know”
but ImproblyLyin cuz I seen it at least two time befo’
uGet emotional- and iGet a little attached, You hold and kiss hug
and iKiss and lick back
But even if I lick all night I dont get to the center
&she only do right its as if Heaven sent her
but maybe its the wrong address
but I keep her fly draped up in her silken Dream dress
but we already been there Lady- no need to retrogress
but your buttons Beautiful andIknow all the ones2press
Yo lips, yo hips thighs breast- eyes to eyes, mouth to neck
excuse me if I digress, pray I never cause stress I just wanna make you say “YES!”
so lets put fate to the test, if we on the same accord,
We can Release our tantra unafraid what Karma has in store
all Im askin for…is that u keep me Warm
(…Baby just keep me warm)


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