Let her Be Free (1/11/12); A Starb**ks Reflection.

Posted: January 24, 2012 in spoken

"@MariMolta helped me paint this"

Me, I- dont know me, so how could I kno we  ha? She high on me and life ain never smoked no weed nah. So guess its all on me now; strive wit her, fly with her or stop & let her free- How?
Cuz she smile, and I forget who I was sposed to be wow, and she wild – wastin all that Sweetness just on me child
All all up on me warm around me how Im sposed to leave now…

so we down, or up on findin Love and being free- But Baby started out a couple strides ahead of me so I bowed my head to plea-that id I bound and stretch my feet, That I’d run beside her Sun inside her shinnin just for me-I could make her just for me, its so glorious-I see but it seems Im always dark when they be shinning light for me

seems the spark it never catches- but I kindle- all I need- isA Beautiful girl with a Beautiful Soul and mind for thinking deep. Not no clone thats just like me, but we partners so we see- a Beautiful life in an ugly world but still clouds beneath our feet- there’s no barriers on me- and u welcome me to see all the madness all the Lovely things your Heart and Mind perceive

but if I cant muster up the speed to catch you, then we’ll  have to let us free


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