Posted: January 23, 2012 in spoken

I’d hate to play dumb and turn a blind eye to ration, but it seems in Babylon
casual sex is the fashion.

And while I’d hate to have a Heart be the casualty of my actions
Romance and Sexuality are vital interactions _
And she got me thinkin Deep reminiscin on our passion
….so I guess for a bit of focus and patience is what Im askin

and not maskin’_lust and-callin-it-Love
And not actin like cuz I never had it I dont know what it does
not slack, reocgnizing that the past forever was

There’s no reason- not to live the Truth
puppy love, infactuation are states for the youth
So itd be treason for me to let it through
and not fight for Love to the skin of my tooth

so I am not perfect and no sayer-of-sooth
but only a fool supplies the rope for makin his own noose
so if I talk it and dont walk it then whats my fuckin use…
…what the use?


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