Im Back

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Its been a long time- I shouldnta left you without a couple words to words to effect you

Im pretty sure I don’t have “readers” so to speak, but uh…I’d like to make that happen some day soon.

I think there are severaly good reasons why regularly updating this blog could be a good thing for me (and I’d like to think others as well).

1) After completing Grad school my literary/intellectual/academic activity has plummeted.  I went from reading between 40-400 pages per week, writing up to 10pages a week (some weeks we WERE lucky and had no writing), and participating in and leading (recitations) 3-4discussions  every week – to nearly no academic activity at all. With work now dominating the majority of my time and requiring very little of me intellectually -__-

I feel like I’m getting dumber (yes that implies that I’m already dumb). Call it excessive humility, admission of my own imperfection – on a good day – closer to insecurity and self deprecation on a bad day. Also, I apologize for my lack of proper punctuation.

Lately I haven’t been very punctual. At least not with anything my studies, passion or career (the three of these, God-willing, will some day be combined). I started this brief blurb in the beginning of November, illustrating my point.

Sometimes I talk to myself, this seems more acceptable. Maybe someday people will actually read it, and ideas will be shared, punch will be served and growth will result.


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