Jay ELECTronica- Google Eyes

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Uncategorized


She said Jay I’m yours, I been for the past 3 days Im horse

She was spinnin’ like she never seen waves before

So I gave her a boat and a oar and star and guide her safely to the shore

She said she never believed in Moses or Noah, unless I show.

So I showed her, gave it right to her like I owed her

That’s when I changed from Shrek the Ogre to master Yoda

She said Oh-I cant-believe-uh it’s a miracle; it’s a bird it’s a plane its spherical

Object hard to dI-tect right out the projects, he could move mountains without flexin a bicept

Speaking strange KnowLedge(dialect); I start dropping Jewelry, her eyes went googley

She went home and Googled me; myspace friend requested and youtubed me

A hundred thousand views of me- Buildin’ me a manor on the the backs of whack rappers out here spittin’ that foolery.

She log onto gmail, clicked compose, and said I don’t do this usually

Nas said Hip Hop is dead and what these niggas out here spittin ‘ is the eulogy

You represent the new to me- true: Cats is nice but, I ain’t seen a God since Hova spit that navy-Blue to me

Truly yours don’t let me down like Lennon- The Greats paid a sacrifice in their ealy beginnings.

P.S. LL Rocked the Bells now it’s yo’ time. Your trains running on schedule LOL, its showtime

I see your name ringing, I hear the game changing-

-Just know-every time you spit it’s like Rakim in his flag, spittin flames wit his chain dangling

Barack Obama with his Dame out in Maine wranglin’

The Game’ll swallow you if you aint strong enough to make it follow you, I’d pack my bags and head home if I was you

{So solute to the most honorable- MC Abominable Jay Electronical}



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